New safety warning issued over whitening kit, Ivismile


Warnings have been issued after a teeth whitening kit was deemed unsafe with a 'serious chemical risk'.

The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) have issue a product recall warning for Ivismile, an at-home teeth whitening kit.

The report exposes the dangerously high levels of hydrogen peroxide – 110 times more than the level which is permitted for home use.

'Serious risk'

According to the OPSS  report, the sample was found to contain around 11% released hydrogen peroxide. The maximum permitted is 0.1% for oral products.

According to Which? the product was available through third-party sellers on Amazon. It was then highlighted to the online retailer and Amazon has since removed it from the website. 

The OPSS report also states that the whitening poses a 'serious chemical risk' to consumers. 

Significant dangers

This follows alarming reports that around 60% of teeth whiteners available to purchase online exceed the legal levels of hydrogen peroxide.

High levels of this bleaching agent can cause permanent damage to teeth and gums. 

The Which? investigation earlier this year revealed that a significant number of whitening strips, syringes and pens all contained dangerous levels of hydrogen peroxide. However they were all easily available to buy online.

One product had more than 300 times the legal level, making it the worst offender investigated. 

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