Very few patients regret root canal treatment, says study


Very few dental patients who undergo root canal treatment regret having it done.

This is according to a new study, which shows that patients' quality of life improved after opting for a root canal procedure. 

More than 240 patients from 20 public dental clinics were examined in Sweden, who were followed for one to three years after having root canal treatment.

The majority of procedures were sparked by toothache in teeth with cavities or fillings. 

Around half of the patients reported mild discomfort or pain in the affected tooth during the follow up period. However 87% said they were satisfied with the treatment – adding that they did not regret the decision for root canal over the alternative of having their tooth removed. 

Researchers also found that those who had a root canal experienced better quality of life than those who had their tooth pulled out.

Ins and outs

But what exactly happens during a root canal procedure?

Root canal treatment refers to the process that aims to save the natural tooth following decay and infection of the pulpal tissue. 

The actual procedure involves removing the tissue and bacteria from the root canal system before cleaning and then sealing the area. It will be covered with a crown or a filling for extra protection. 

Symptoms of a pulp infection include a loose tooth, pain when eating or drinking hot/cold food and pain when chewing or biting. 

Further down the line, symptoms include facial swelling and discolouration of the tooth.

This is why it is crucial to visit the dentist if you develop toothache. 

Updated 13th October 2022

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