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Loved the concept as soon as I heard about it, the industry definitely needs more patient education and an easier way for patients to find the right practice for them. I’ve already received patient enquiries and extremely happy to be associated with it. Neil Counihan Metamorphosis
Fantastic educational website that will truly help patients understand the myriad of treatment options that exist currently and ensure they see appropriate well-trained clinicians who will look after them in a caring manner. This website is much needed to ensure greater patient safety. I am delighted that finally exists and I am sure will be a huge success. Dr Sunil Hirani Specialist in Orthodontics, SmileLux is a great practice builder. Who wouldn’t want more qualified leads from informed and motivated patients who have done their homework and know what they are looking for? Dr Zaki Kanaan K2 Dental gives patients a choice of the very best the industry has to offer. Matching the patient’s needs to the right clinic has never been easier! Runa Mowla-Copley Orthodontist, Quadrant Orthodontics
Congratulations on your new dashboard, very nice feel and great for both overview and monitoring of enquiries. It prompts team members to contact clients and you can follow the process so to speak. 5/5 stars from me! Jan Einfeldt Staplehurst Dental Practice
How fortunate for all of us to be living in this technological age. By just linking on to you have access to all that is best in Dentistry. The Clinicians and Dental Practices featured are the best in our profession. This is a great facility to help educate and guide the general public to seek the best solution possible for their dental needs. Mervyn Druian London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry

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