TV’s Lisa Riley wants a boob job having lost an amazing 10 stone


Ex-Emmerdale actress Lisa Riley revealed on TV’s Loose Women this week that she’s considering a boob job and skin removal having shed loads of weight.

Announcing that she can now ‘fold her stomach in to her leggings’ since shedding 10 stone, she says she’s excited about undergoing cosmetic surgery.

She also wants to have cosmetic treatment to reshape her breasts.

It’s taken the TV host two years to lose the weight – she puts it down to quitting alcohol and sticking to a much healthier diet.

Showing off her new slimline figure, Katie Price – who has undergone many cosmetic procedures – was on hand to offer the actress advice.

Lisa – who at her heftiest was a size 30 – appeared on Strictly Come Dancing in 2012 and presented You’ve Been Framed.

She has dropped several dress sizes to a size 14 and puts her successful weight loss down to ditching alcohol, simple exercise, yoga and embracing a healthier diet.

When she first lost the weight, she said she felt so good that ‘'I feel like a computer that has been rebooted and reprogrammed’.

A tummy tuck – or abdominoplasty – costs around £5,000 and can tighten muscles as well as get rid of any loose skin and, according to consultant plastic surgeon Marc Pacifico, is the gold standard when reshaping the abdomen.

The incision is usually as low as possible so it is hidden beneath the bikini line, but very often there is scarring around the belly button.

Marc says: ‘This invariably is the most visible scar, so getting the belly button scar right is crucial. The best scar is one that is drawn in, so it is hardly visible. In my opinion, the worst sorts of scars are big round circles around the belly button, that are hard to hide and draw the eye to their unnatural shape.’
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