Rylan reveals plans to have his old veneers framed


Rylan Clark has revealed that he will have his famous veneers 'framed' just weeks after having them removed.

The TV star recently stripped back his smile and opted for a more natural looking appearance. 

Reportedly costing £25,000, he said: 'I’ve still got them, they’re in a bag somewhere, I’m gonna get them framed.’

He also told the MailOnline that his new set of veneers are 'a hell of a lot smaller'.

Make a change

'I do feel the older I get, the more comfortable I get with how I look and slow stuff down, hence the change of teeth and things like that,' he said.

He also encouraged others to make a change if they were unhappy with their appearance.

'Do what you want,' he added. 

Rylan unveiled the results of his new smile makeover to fans last month, writing on Twitter: 'After 8 years. It hurts, so much, but sometimes you just have to let go. I’ve taken the decision to say goodbye… to my teeth... new smile imminent.'

Photo credit: Instagram/@rylan 

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