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Mummy Makeover
  • Pregnancy and motherhood has changed aspects of my body
  • I would like to reverse the body changes of pregnancy and motherhood
  • I have lost definition and fullness in my breasts

A Mummy Makeover combines a range of cosmetic procedures to enhance the appearance and shape of the body, especially post pregnancy. Popular treatments include: Breast augmentation, tummy tuck, butt lifts & vaginal rejuvenation.

A Mummy Makeover combines different, and focused cosmetic procedures to enhance the appearance and shape of the body, especially post pregnancy. Popular Mummy Makeover procedures include breast augmentation, or breast lifts, especially when sagging or deflation has occurred post pregnancy. Similarly, tummy tucks to tackle loose and saggy skin, butt lifts and vaginal rejuvenation.

Mummy Makeovers ultimately look to enhance and improve the body changes that post pregnancy and the role of being a Mum can bring to our appearance.

If you feel the effects of pregnancy such lost volume of the breasts, and sagging of the skin, then a Mummy Makeover could be a perfect solution to restore body appearance and boost Mummy confidence. 

Most Mummy Makeover cosmetic procedures are invasive which means they involve going under the knife to make surgical body changes. You must feel confident and ready to undergo invasive treatment. There are possible non-invasive options but these tend to be less effective in body contouring and enhancement, and are often used for minor definition.

Depending on the individual and area of treatment, the procedure, expectations, realistic outcomes, risks, recovery time and costs will all be explained to you on consultation. This is a good opportunity to ask your consultant for before and after Mummy Makeover testimonials so you have a clear idea of expectations, and potential results. Every patient is different and will have a unique Mummy Makeover treatment path and goal.

Treatment is usually performed under local anaesthesia and you will often be asleep throughout the procedure. 

It is important to note that a Mummy Makeover is not an alternative to dieting or weight loss. It can enhance the body shape and restore effects from pregnancy such as sagginess. Like any contouring cosmetic procedure, a Mummy Makeover must be matched with a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercising regime to maintain results.

Recovery time will be dependent on chosen procedure but will require downtime and full rest post treatment. Normal activities can usually be resumed after three to four weeks; however, this will be assessed by your consultant.

There are risks with any cosmetic procedure but most commonly, surgical treatments such as Mummy Makeovers present a risk of infection, swelling, surgical error and irregularities, as well as potential scarring. This will all be discussed further on consultation.

A Mummy Makeover can produce an enhanced, revitalised and refreshed body contouring look, boosting Mummy confidence and reversing the body changes that pregnancy can bring. 

Those seeking Mummy Makeover treatments are usually unhappy with their body after pregnancy, and have struggled to improve this via dieting and exercise. You must be in relatively good health to undergo a Mummy Makeover, usually with a BMI of 30 or less. 

A Mummy Makeover can be so variable that cost will depend hugely on the individual, treatment areas, and chosen treatment. This is something that can be discussed further on consultation.

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