'No shame in being vain' – Marc Jacobs opens up about aesthetic work


Marc Jacobs has opened up about his cosmetic treatments as he does not want to feel 'shame' over his choices.

In a series of Instagram posts, the fashion designer chose to share his journey after opting for a facelift.

The move comes as part of the 58 year old's bid to encourage transparency when it comes to aesthetic procedures. 

Using hashtags such as #nothingtohide and #noshameinmygame, many followers praised his actions.

June Ambrose, an award-winning creative director, commented: 'The transparency is everything! Snatch it darlinggggg! Happy healing.'

A skincare advisor said: 'You are in the safest hands and wow thank you for sharing it’s nice to see a major fashion designer share their skin secrets.'

Honesty and transparency

Jacobs also spoke to Vogue about his choice to be public about his decisions, also discussing his early Botox and filler treatments.

He said he does not want to 'live [his] life with shame' – and does that by being 'open, transparent and honest' about everything. 

He adds that 'external and internal wellness' are both important. The better he feels in his own skin, he says, the better he will act towards others. 

Associations of shame?

Asked why he thinks there is still a stigma surrounding cosmetic treatment, he puts it down to 'old paradigms'. 

He urges people to have more conversations about aesthetic work in a bid to wash the associations with the industry of its 'shame'. 

He also calls on celebrities to be more upfront about any work they undergo.

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