Recell Spray-On Skin


What is Recell Spray-On Skin?

Recell Spray On-Skin is the brand name for a process that turns harvested specialised skin cells from a patient into a spray-on solution. This solution can be used to treat scarring, burns, vitiligo, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation and uneven or sun- damaged skin. The solution contains fibroblasts, which stimulate the production of collage, the substance that gives skin its firmness and tone. Some clinics now offer it with their laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasion and deep peel treatments, to boost the treatments’ effects and speed up recovery.

What is involved in a Recell Spray-On Skin treatment?

First, the doctor will remove a small skin sample from an area where skin is similar in texture and colour to the area that needs treatment. This is done under local anaesthetic, so shouldn’t cause you any pain. While the sample goes through the Recell process to become a spray-on solution, the treatment area is prepared to create the best surface for treatment, using a dermabrasion or laser ablative technique.

The treatment area and the skin sample donor site are then treated with the Recell spray on solution, and covered with a dressing.
What are the risks of Recell Spray-On Skin treatment?

Recell treatment carries a minimal risk of infection and scarring. Recell treatment is not suitable for those sensitive to sodium lactate or trypsin, which are both used in the preparation of the Recell solution, or for treating areas where infected or necrotic (dead) tissue is present.

How long will it take me to recover from Recell Spray-On Skin treatment?

After your Recell treatment, both the treatment area and donor site will need to remain covered with a dressing for 3- 5 days. You may have some redness, scabbing and swelling which will gradually subside. You should be able to resume normal activities straight after treatment.

Healing of your treatment site will occur over the next few months and it may take 3-6 months for normal pigmentation to appear.

What is the cost of Recell Spray-On Skin treatment?

Accurate prices for Recell treatment are only possible after a consultation, as they vary depending on the area to be treated and the exact treatment required, but generally you can expect to pay between £2500 and £4000.

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