Parents! Are you tight-fisted with the tooth fairy?


Kids in the UK are making almost £3.50 per tooth according to latest research. 

Slipping 50p under your children's pillows is a thing of the past it appears, with kids in the UK earning £3.42 per tooth.

And with youngsters expected to lose all 20 milk teeth by the age of 12 to 14, they could pocket a huge £68.40 from the Tooth Fairy. 

Even if every child in the UK lost only one tooth every year, the tooth fairy fortune comes in at a £40.9 million. This increases to £818.1 million a year if each child lost all their baby teeth.

Rates per tooth, however, vary around the UK according to Raisin UK.

According to data by Stem Protect, for example, children in Bradford are given around £0.50 on average. But this soars to £2.50 for kids living in Harrogate.

Different rates

Other rates include:

  • Edinburgh – £0.75
  • Nottingham – £1.00
  • Manchester – £1.20
  • London – £1.50
  • Bristol – £1.25
  • Leeds – £1.50

But how does this compare to other countries?

In the US, the tooth fairy, on average, pays around $4.70 per tooth. This amounts to just under $100 for all 20 baby teeth. 

Those kids in the midwest are handed around $3.71 a tooth – but those in the north east get a significant $4.35.

In Ireland and Spain, however,  children are receiving €3.90 (£3.36) for each tooth they lose. Overall this amounts to €78.00 (£67) per mouth – with the Spanish tooth fairy giving more than £464 million away every year. 

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