Older workers seek teeth whitening and Botox to compete in the job market


With the national state pension age set to rise to 68 by 2037, it seems as if we are all going to have to work a little bit harder at looking younger for longer to compete in a crowded and competitive job market.

Experience is obviously on our side if we happen to be an ‘older worker’, but we may not necessarily wish to wear those years on our faces.

Now, a new survey reveals that many of us are already turning to cosmetic treatments – such as teeth whitening and Botox – in a bid to turn back the hands of time.

According to Irishjobs.ie, older workers in Ireland confess they are seeking cosmetic procedures to smooth away lines, hide dark eye bags and conceal crow’s feet. They are even having aesthetic dental treatments to make their smile more youthful before they set foot inside the interview room.

Almost half of those asked believe that their maturity can hold them back in their careers and have taken steps to improve their job prospects.

According to the study, one in three people asked are thinking about teeth whitening, and feedback showed that 8% are considering Botox.

The confidence-boosting treatments have massive appeal for those of us who work in sales and advertising and other client-facing job roles.

Additionally, younger workers are opting for preventative Botox or baby Botox to subtly improve their appearance and smooth fine lines.

Many more of us are having our hair dyed, signing up to gym membership and having Botox to stay ahead of the game and to add vitality to our appearance  and remain fresh faced.

As the age range of our workforce here in the UK widens ever further with pension laws set to change, what procedures are best when it comes to rejuvenation?

With many studies suggesting that a great healthy straight, white smile is key to success in the workplace, it is also the easiest way to boost confidence in the run up to those all-important job interviews.

Award-winning cosmetic dentist and comparethetreatment.com expert, Zaki Kanaan, says: ‘Funnily enough, in my experience, younger patients are especially keen to have teeth-whitening in order to succeed at job interviews and compete more confidently in the job market, often if they are applying to US firms or to the US.

‘However, teeth whitening is certainly high on the list of treatments to make a smile appear more youthful, as well as bonding – as the edges of teeth tend to get worn down and chip as we age. Adult orthodontics and teeth straightening is another big one – so really it’s a case of “align, bleach and bond”.’

And to maintain this cosmetic dentistry, he suggests a less acidic diet, using an electric toothbrush (and brushing correctly) so that we avoid exacerbating any age- and diet-related recession and abrasion. He adds: ‘Possibly wearing a night guard to prevent or reduce the teeth being worn down or chipping will help.’

Meanwhile, Dr Natalie Blakely, aesthetic doctor and owner of the Light Touch Clinic reveals that both men and women are visiting her clinic for ‘gentle refreshment and a confidence boost before an interview or before re-entering the job market’. As she says: ‘It’s not so different from buying a new suit!’

She explains: ‘During consultations, patients often say they are seeking cosmetic treatment to feel more confident ahead of a big interview. They know that they are competing with younger people who are more in tune with modern technology and patients want to look like they have the energy to match their experience.’                                             

So, what subtle treatments would she recommend?

‘Botox injections and dermal fillers are the star treatments ahead of an interview as they have very immediate results and little downtime,’ she reveals.

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