How to look after your teeth over Christmas


Dentists have revealed their top tips on how you can keep your teeth clean over the festive period.

Sweet treats over Christmas can take their toll on the state of your teeth and oral health – but they do not have to.

Dr Khaled Kasem offers up his advice for maintaining excellent oral health:

Stop using your teeth to open bottles

Beer bottles, labels, sticky tape – cut back on using your teeth to tear! 'Prevent unnecessary damage to your teeth by using scissors or a bottle opener,' he says. 

'If you do chip, crack, or break a tooth, contact your dentist to book an appointment as soon as you can.'

Drilled mulled wine with cheese

This pairing will help to keep staining to a minimum. Much like red wine, its mulled counterpart can give us a purple mouth. Dr Kasem points out that not only is cheese full of calcium, it also protects your teeth from stains. 

Be careful with festive drinks in general

Hot drinks such as gingerbread chai lattes may be popular over the holidays. However its sugar content is astronomically high, so be aware. Make them a treat, rather than a part of your routine!

Opt for dark chocolate over milk

'Dark chocolate is an excellent alternative to milk or white that allows you to still enjoy the sweetness and creaminess of this much-desired sweet, without damaging your teeth,' he says.

'Dark chocolate has a reduced amount of sugar and fat, helps to fight cavities due to its grain containing powerful anti-bacterial agents and it’s also beneficial for your cardiovascular health.'

Book a dental appointment

Regular dental appointments are crucial. You may not be in pain or see any obvious damage, but a trained professional can catch any signs of damage at an early stage. This can save you both pain and money in the future. 

Updated 15th December 2022

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