Is the ‘gummy bear’ implant the Next Big Thing in boob jobs?


The future of boob jobs is here – teardrop-shaped implants, or ‘gummy bears’ as they are commonly known.

Plastic surgeons in the States recently undertook a study to assess two different shaped implants that best suited breast augmentation.

And, according to them, the gummy types of shaped implants are the ‘next big thing’ for those of us looking to achieve more natural looking breasts with surgery.

The so-called gummy bear implants are made of silicon but have a much thicker consistency – a texture similar to the popular jelly sweet. They are also said to offer a much softer and less full effect.

Both shape and texture are designed to meet the needs of those of us who want breast augmentation but wish to avoid any unnatural look or feel, they say.

According to one study participant – plastic surgeon, Dr Peter J Capizzi – two thirds of his clinic is using this option ‘with great results’.

One his patients reports that, having done her research, she opted for gummy bear implants and that recovery was quick and that her breasts are now in proportion and natural looking.

When the surgeon creates a pocket for the implant, it means that the implants cannot shift but that they also offer a more natural movement, therefore looking and feeling perkier!

According to expert analysis, the gummy bear implant has been a major contributing factor in the rise in the number of us seeking plastic surgery procedures that involve implants of one description or another.
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