Curious about skin therapy? We hear from the experts at KSkin


KSkin is a specialist skincare clinic specialising in affordable high-tech non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Situated in the heart of Glasgow, the clinic offers skincare and skin rejuvenation treatments and procedures.

Dr K Sharma and practitioners Leanne Davidson and Claire Wilson are your ‘go to’ team. They say: ‘Our ethos is to treat every patient on an individual basis and to manage each condition in a stepwise and logical manner. Kskin has built up a client base carefully over the last five years. Kskin will treat you with courtesy and respect, maintaining confidentiality at all times.’

What are your three most popular skin conditions lasers are used for?
1. Acne treatment
2. Hair removal
3. Fat reduction.

5 top tips for looking after skin?
1. Maintain a daily skin care routine (with Dr Obagi’s ZO Skin Health)
2. Once a week exfoliation
3. Drink plenty of water
4. Proper sleep
5. Healthy diet.

Why is winter a good time to consider laser treatment?
The weak winter sun is perfect for those considering laser hair removal because you should be wary of sun exposure in the time leading up to laser hair removal. As you are away from sun, you don't get the side effects of it, such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This is an adverse event that is more common in darker-skinned individuals but isn’t permanent.

You will also need to halt any home hair removal practices several weeks beforehand – so this is far easier during the winter months when you’re wrapped up!

What are the best anti-ageing treatments you offer?
1. Laser treatments
2. Chemical peels
3. Wrinkle-reducing injections
4. Radio frequency treatment treats the most common skin ageing problems like wrinkles, excess fatty tissues, or cellulite
5. ZO products

Mole removal – does it hurt?
The operation is carried out under local anaesthetic so the skin will be numb. It doesn’t hurt and it’s a mild prick to begin with but eases off within 30 seconds. The op will usually leave a scar and any inflammation will usually disappear over a few weeks.

I’m nervous – how can you team put me at ease?
• We give bespoke treatment to our clients, which can vary according to their skin, demand and ability to tolerate. We aim to make the treatment as much pain free as possible
• We can show you before and after treatment results to put your mind at ease that we can achieve results
• We will tell you of the benefits about the treatment and you have our full post-treatment support, too

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