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Removable Braces (Clear Aligners)
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Removable braces (clear aligners) is, as the name suggests, different to a regular brace in that it is not affixed to the teeth and are typically worn by adults who would like straighter teeth but don't want the 'train track' fixed metal braces.

If your teeth require only small corrections to make them straighter, a removable brace may be recommended. A removable brace is, as the name suggests, different to a regular brace in that it is not affixed to the teeth. Instead, the braces are made from plastic plates which exert a gentle pressure over a gradual period so the teeth can move.

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Your orthodontist will recommend removable braces if they are considered to be an appropriate treatment method for your particular requirements. 

Other treatments may also be recommended as this style of brace is often only used for the top set of teeth rather than for the lower jaw. They can be worn by patients of any age.

One of the key advantages of removable braces is the fact that they can be taken out so teeth can be thoroughly brushed and flossed. In addition to these hygiene benefits, removable braces can also be removed for sport, which makes them a convenient option for some patients. As with fixed braces, removable braces will still straighten teeth.

The exact length of time you will need to wear removable braces will be decided by your orthodontist however, they are generally required for a shorter period than fixed braces. Sometimes, both will be used at the same time. When you no longer need to wear the removable braces, a fixed plastic retainer will need to be used instead, to ensure that teeth stay in their new, straight position. The length of time the retainer will need to be used will vary but will decrease as time goes on and teeth become more stable in their new position.

To get the best possible treatment result, it’s important to follow all advice given by your orthodontist and have regular check-ups. Good oral hygiene should also be maintained.

Removable braces are suitable for patients of all ages and can be recommended to correct a number of issues, such as an over or under bite, crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, open bites and cross bites.
There are a number of different forms a removable brace may take, from acrylic plates joined by stainless steel wires to other brand name solutions such as Invisalign and Clear Braces. 

Small changes to the positioning of the teeth may be soon as soon as three or six months however, more complex problems will require a longer treatment period as time must be allowed for bone to grow once teeth are placed in their new position.
The process for braces moving teeth is time consuming because it must be done slowly – this gradual progression helps to ensure that teeth move but do not become loose. Usually, an adjustment to the braces will be need to be made once a month or so

Some mild discomfort is normal after removable braces are tightened or adjusted however, an over the counter painkiller should help to alleviate this.

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