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Quick Straight Teeth
  • I have overlapping teeth
  • I have gaps in my teeth
  • I want straighter teeth

Two types of fixed and removable braces depending on the suitability to move teeth into their new position.

If you are looking for straighter teeth, and a more beautiful, youthful smile, then Quick Straight Teeth may be the answer.

Your dentist will first carry out a thorough examination of your teeth, which will include taking some pictures, x-rays and impressions.  These will then be assessed to determine if you are suitable for treatment using Quick Straight Teeth.  If you are, your dentist will then discuss with you the best option for your smile, your lifestyle and your budget.

There are two types of Quick Straight Teeth braces. Fixed braces and removable braces.

The fixed braces are very discreet. The very best 3M ceramic brackets are used, and tooth-coloured wires, which when placed in the mouth blend in beautifully. Most people will be unable to tell you are wearing braces at all. Most treatments are completed in approximately 6 months and QST braces have been rigorously tested to ensure comfort and wearability.

QST removable braces are in the form of clear aligners.  These are very thin, vacuum formed trays that fit over your teeth very precisely, and gently move them into their new position. These are very discreet, and and can be removed for eating and social occasions.

We usually urge patients to consider the fixed braces initially, as they tend to work quicker than aligners, are more predictable, and more sophisticated movements can be achieved.

Straight teeth, are healthy teeth! It is much easier to keep straight teeth clean and they give you a more youthful, and beautiful smile.

Quick Straight Teeth products start from around £1200.

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