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Teosyal injections can help the skin can appear younger and smoother, hydrating and naturally restoring the suppleness and elasticity of the skin.

Teosyal injections are a solution for those who want to alleviate the signs of ageing. The product is designed to restore and replace the hyaluronic acid in the skin that the patient’s body can no longer produce. Its intense moisturizing action gives the face and neck a smoother and more youthful look, while also removing the appearance of wrinkles.

Teosyal will be injected directly into any lines and wrinkles you want to get rid of. The product works by filling out these problem areas and reducing their appearance. The treatment is usually carried out using a micro needle, to enhance precision and give you the most comfortable experience possible. You may also be given anaesthetic cream. Local anaesthetic is used in certain cases.

Each session takes around 30 minutes to complete. Some patients may require a number of treatments to achieve the desired results.

There are numerous benefits to Teosyal injections: the skin can appear younger and smoother; it fills out fine lines and wrinkles making them less visible; it naturally restores the suppleness and elasticity of the skin; and it hydrates the skin to leave it both looking and feeling healthier than it did before treatment.

Patients usually see results almost immediately after the injections have been carried out and there is no downtime involved – making Teosyal one of the best options for people requiring a quick ‘lunchtime’ procedure.

Teosyal does have a few associated side effects, but these are very rare, and serious allergic reactions are even rarer still. Side effects can include redness of the skin, bruising and discolouration at the injection site, swelling, itching and sometimes pain.

The price will vary dependent on the amount of treatment. On average you should expect to pay £200 per syringe of Teosyal.

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