You can whiten teeth with strawberries — and other crazy summertime facts


Did you know?

Flying can cause toothache

Did you know that flying could affect your teeth? In fact, so serious is the risk to your health — and so severe the pain — that anyone boarding a plane with a tooth abscess is advised to stay put, with their feet firmly on the ground. During a flight, the cabin’s atmospheric pressure is constantly changing and this can create problems in cavities such as the ear, nose and mouth — especially painful when nursing a toothache. At high altitude, a mild nagging ache can ramp up and become a stratospheric pain that’s beyond bearable. In fact, so common is the problem that dentistry has an aviation scientific branch that focuses only on tooth pain and aeroplanes. Solutions include sucking on a sweet or chewing sugarfree gum throughout your journey.

Wimbledon strawberries whiten teeth

Strawberries are the best natural teeth cleaners. That’s according to cosmetic dentist and expert, Uchenna Okoye. She suggests that you choose a really ripe strawberry, rub it on your teeth and, just like exfoliating the skin, it will remove superficial debris. The malic acid offers a surface clean that gives your teeth a whiter appearance.

A holiday can ruin a straight smile…

Had orthodontic treatment and flying off on holiday? If you are away from home, even for just a fortnight’s break, and have forgotten to pack your retainer in your suitcase, you risk losing that new straight smile in which you invested much time and money. Seriously, teeth move! And once your cosmetic teeth straightening treatment is completed, those pearly whites are vulnerable to movement the moment the braces come off. They naturally want to fall back into the positions they were once in and your smile will relapse into its pre-ortho crooked version so wearing a retainer is important to keep them in good shape. Pressure from your lips and tongue can cause teeth to move out of alignment pretty quickly — even in a short period of time. So, make sure you wear the retainer as often as your dentist prescribed — and, if you’re off on your vacation, add it to your holiday packing list today!

…But Brexit can lead to a new smile

However, you may now be opting for a staycation this year. What with the fall-out after Brexit — and the pound taking the brunt of it all — are you reconsidering your holiday plans abroad? If so, what to do with those savings that you’d put by for holiday money and now haven’t the heart of deep enough pockets to change up due to the unfavourable exchange rate? If you’re looking to splash out — but not now in the sea at a beach report somewhere sunny — then why not invest in a new smile? If your holiday was all about catching some rays and making you look and feel good, then a spray tan and a spot of teeth whitening may just do the trick! And getting a complete smile makeover has never been so easy — and it’s quick, too! You can have your front teeth straightened in as little as four months these days.

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