With breast lift enquiries seeing a 600% rise, innovative methods to preserve natural breasts are introduced.


Contrary to preconceptions, it has been reported that the number of patients opting for breast lifts has risen by 600% in the past 16 years. This increase suggests that women are looking to alter what they have rather than attempting to gain larger breasts. One of the most common problems that practitioners receive queries for is sagging from pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss and age.

Breast lift surgery, or Mastopexy, is a procedure to reverse sagging by cutting away the excess skin, redistributing the filling and restoring the original positioning of the breast. Unfortunately scarring is an unavoidable part of this surgery. In most cases, the surgeon raises the nipple with a small circular incision whilst re-modelling through another incision on the base of the breast. This procedure is either performed alone or combined with breast reduction and augmentation. Through this method, patients tend to lose a cup size.
To support the breast over a long time period, synthetic mesh, threads and the patient's skin may be used to add fullness on the top. In the pursuit to see long lasting results, a new innovative material, GalaFlex, a polymer substance, has been introduced. This is woven into mesh making an implant that is four to five times stronger than the natural breast tissue.

Another further development aims for the nipple to never reach an inch below the base of the breast. Refine is designed to support the breast from within, with two barbed sutures that are vertically placed in an upside-down hammock shape. Once implanted, the lower threads attach to natural tissue, raising the nipple to a desired height.

With both of these innovations still in the planning stages, there are still many options for women who are looking to regain bounce in their breasts. Before undergoing any surgery, we always advise potential patients to research and discuss all methods to find the one for you.

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