What went wrong with Farrah Abraham’s lip enhancement?


What went wrong with Farrah Abraham’s lip enhancement?

  • Did the cosmetic surgery fan’s lip injections cause her massive trout pout?
  • Was it caused by lip implants?
  • How can she fix it?

Reality TV star Farrah Abraham has posted pictures of her grotesquely swollen upper lip on Twitter. Tweeting from hospital, the 23 year old captioned her photo, "Girlfriends don't say I didn't warn ya ! #BOTCHED California #ER #fixit"

This might be her first cosmetic surgery disaster, but this is not the first time the Teen Mom star has has plastic surgery. As well as having her breasts enlarged with silicone implants in 2013, she has had previous lip injections.

In October 2013 Farrah said 'I'm trying out collagen injections,' describing the procedure as 'something fun and it’s not permanent.’


So what went wrong this time?

Farrah says she thinks she reacted to an anaesthetic injected in her lips before her treatment. This is possible but rare. To bring down the swelling, Farrah will probably have been given steroids by her doctors.

However, Compare The Treatment’s specialist advisor Dr Vincent Wong says he suspects her duck lip were actually caused by a permanent lip implant.

He says, “It looks to me like she developed a reaction to a permanent lip implant. I don't think she’s had a hyaluronic acid dermal filler, which is what I would use for lip enhancement, as reactions to such fillers are quite rare.”


Some women opt for a permanent solution to thin lips as a cheaper and more convenient than injections every three to six months. Lip implants can be made of different materials, including GoreTex, which is also used to make waterproof clothing, AlloDerm, a derivative of human skin, or PermaLip, which is made of silicone.

Says Dr Wong, “I think the implant must have been made from collagen or a variation of it. Collagen can be dangerous as many people can develop a reaction to it whether it’s an injection or an implant. Also, unlike hyaluronic-based dermal fillers which can be reversed non-surgically with the injection of an antidote called Hyalase, permanent implants have to be cut out and this may make the lip temporarily swell up even more post-surgery. Patients may be left with permanent scarring. For anyone who is thinking of getting lip enhancement, temporary hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are by far the safest option.”

Remember, if you are seeking lip enhancement, always seek out a properly qualified and experienced expert to avoid complications.

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