What should I do and NOT do in the run-up to plastic surgery?


There are many things to consider as you excitedly await the big day of your cosmetic surgery.

The most recent news is that vaping is now best avoided – surgeons suspect it carries just as much risk of complications in the run-up to cosmetic surgery as smoking cigarettes.

The rule of thumb is that for smokers, it’s best to quit at least a month before any invasive procedure.

And, despite the thinking that e-cigarettes may be safer than traditional cigarettes – and even a useful smoking cessation tool, bridging the gap between traditional cigarettes and quitting – experts are now concerned this may not be the case.

Here, some further tips on what to do and consider in the four-week run-up to any cosmetic procedure…

1. Your doctor will have taken a full medical history for the records and some surgeons may expect you to also undergo a medical with your GP who will then share the results
2. Any medication you’re taking may have to stop – you will be advised on this
3. You should quit smoking, vaping and your alcohol intake
4. Think about your diet post surgery. Make sure it’s a healthy one for a good recovery – plenty of protein, fruit and veggies. Foods that contain salicylates are essential, too – these chemicals are a major ingredient in aspirin and other pain-relieving medications. Foods containing high levels of salicylate include tea, coffee, dried herbs and spices, black pepper, blueberries, sharp green apples, cherries, almonds, pineapple, strawberries, dried fruit, tomatoes, fruit juices, peppermints and liquorice
5. You will need some downtime for certain procedures so take time beforehand to consider how you will manage this. Do you have a partner who will be on hand? Who will collect you from the hospital? Who will do your shopping, walk your dog or fetch the kids to and from school? Start planning! And don’t forget to stock up on good books, magazines and start listing those films and series that you’ve been meaning to catch up on Netflix!
6. Start taking a daily multi-vitamin. There may be specific vitamins recommended by your surgeon. Start taking arnica and discuss you’re your surgeon what other vitamins or supplements you might need to take
7. Try getting a decent few nights’ sleep in the run-up to surgery and hydrate with plenty of water. Eat healthily and, most of all, try to relax, however you might feel. Remember, if you’ve taken the time to chose your surgeon well and done your homework thoroughly using comparethetreatment.com, you’re in safe hands!

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