Venus dimples – what are they?


According to reports this week, Venus dimples are the ‘must have’ for those keen to stay on trend.

Also known as back dimples or butt dimples, they are the symmetrical indentations on your lower back that sit just above your bottom.

Named after the Roman goddess of beauty, they are said to be a sign of good health and a great sex life!

According to those who know, the dimples facilitate good circulation making sex more enjoyable.

The dimples are thanks to our genes, although excess fat usually hides them, so it's possible that we just haven’t discovered ours yet!

Lose weight – and you may be surprised.

And apparently, for those of us who have not been blessed genetically with them can now head for a plastic surgery clinic to recreate the back dimples with cosmetic treatment.

During the process, a small cannula is inserted into the lower back to break down fat, and the surgery has a 14-day recovery-period.

Michelangelo was known to emphasise the much sought after dimples in his sculptures, proving that there’s nothing new under the sun!

So, what other ways may we improve the aesthetics of our back?

Well, back scooping surgery removes extra fat from the lower back, love handles, and those ‘muffin tops’ giving an appearance of a more toned, lower back shape.

It can also reduce the size of your waist as it removes those love handles and excess fat from the hips.

The popularity of liposuction surgery fell in the last year by 42%.

Although there is no magic bullet for weight loss, liposuction extracts unwanted fat safely and efficiently – the amount of which is based on an individual’s body status that will be assessed by a surgeon.

However, be aware that you may even need to lose weight to make you a better candidate for liposuction.

And, although liposuction surgery usually improves the contours of our body, results are not immediate.

They are, however, long lasting but can be affected by weight gain, ageing, pregnancy and other lifestyle factors.

And be warned, liposuction will NOT get rid of cellulite, stretch marks or tighten loose skin.
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