TV presenter Andy Friedlander goes live with his tooth straightening story


Today sees the first airing of a series of interviews of TV presenter Andy Friedlander in which he discusses  his reasons for having his teeth straightened as an adult, in the full glare of the public.  The 5 films, which were recorded at the BBC Good Food Show, can be viewed on YouTube:

As Andy explains :  “I am a TV and live show presenter living in the world of selfies, Facebook and Snapchat where people make an instant judgement on you based upon your face, and if your teeth look horrible that's one of the great big things that people pick up on.”

“What made me seek out Invisalign was a desire to have straighter looking teeth. I accept the fact that as men get older you can have lines around your eyes or your hair can go a bit grey, but I always felt that if you had a fine set of gnashers in the middle it would make me look better.  I’d always wanted to make sure that as I grew older my teeth were straighter, and I didn't know the way I was going to do that whilst in the public eye.  As a 17 year old I’d had what they now call train track braces on my teeth, but my teeth reverted to their original position, and I didn't want go that route again, obviously for work, for comfort and for convenience. “

“I think most of us have a weak point when it comes to photographs, some people don't like their hair, some people think “Oh my eyes look funny shaped”, and mine was my teeth.   I was always self-conscious about them.  What I didn't also realise was how much this impacted on my behaviour.  When I started the Invisalign process one of the things the dentist said was “When I look at photographs of you, you never seem to reveal your teeth”.


“For me the benefits of Invisalign treatment are straightforward; no one’s really noticed I’m wearing my aligners, except to say “Hey you’re looking good” but can’t put their finger on why.  I know it’s because my teeth are straighter, my oral health has never been better because I tend to brush my teeth a bit more often, and floss, and those kind of things.  I tend to snack less because it means taking out the Invisalign aligners so my eating’s better and that has impacted on my waistline, and in a way, because it was a bit of a bte noire, I've got more confidence in my appearance.”

“Another plus is that as part of my job I have to be on stage presenting and tasting food, and a good thing with Invisalign aligners is I can quickly and comfortably pop them out and taste the food.”

“I think it is worth investing in Invisalign on the grounds that though you have to make a time commitment, and a financial commitment, with what I do it's been an incredibly invaluable investment.  Particularly in my line of work, when you're being judged on what you look like, my teeth looking better has had a major impact.”


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