#Trianglegate – we’re not talking Toblerone but those pesky black triangles that show when you smile


With the world of Twitter up in arms over the new shape of one of Britain’s best-loved chocolate bars, we thought we’d join the party and take a look at some other triangles that can get you down.

Ever looked at a photo and noticed those annoying black gaps that show between your teeth when you smile?

Yup, those! According to surveys, they rate among the top three most-hated issues we have with the aesthetics of our smile – beaten only by crown margins and tooth decay.

So, as us Brits get to grips with the new-shaped Toblerone that now has bigger gaps between its chocolately triangles, let’s take a moment to reflect on some gappy triangular spaces that really do matter.

According to those who know, one third of all adults suffer with the dreaded black triangles – or gingival embrasures as they are properly know.

They are the dark and unwanted spaces between teeth at the gumline that can enlarge with age and come about due to tooth movement, bone loss, receding gums because of disease or bite issues. They may even appear after wearing aligners.

But, whatever the reason, the triangles can send us round the bend and ruin a smile – aesthetically speaking.

If left untreated, they can grow over time, especially if they trap food deposits that lead to plaque build up and bacteria and, therefore, further gum disease.

As they become more noticeable, they can age our smile – and make us look older with it!

But happily there is a fix – and some cosmetic treatments can improve their appearance or even get rid of them altogether.

So, what’s the secret to improving that smile?

Dental veneers are an option but, if your tooth enamel is healthy, your dentist can use a special composite bonding technique to close the gaps.

Clark Matrix – also known as the Bioclear Matrix System – offers a minimally invasive alternative to veneers or crowns.

Once the clear forms are removed, the space is filled with a composite material that’s colour-matched to your teeth – and the good news is that the process not only closes the gap, but the material is smooth and glassy and will also brighten your smile.

It’s cost effective, too.

So, even if the nation’s favourite chocolate bar is now gappier and is no longer aesthetically pleasing (according to its critics) you at least know that your dentist can mind your gap – and create the aesthetically fab smile you’ve been looking for!

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