Top 5 Considerations for Patients when Choosing a Mandibular Advancement Appliance


By Dr Simon Ash FDS, MSc, MOrth, BDS

Consultant & Specialist Orthodontist


The mouth is the most sensitive part of the human body and we find it difficult to tolerate oral devices that

are bulky, uncomfortable, and restrictive. Despite the fact that mandibular advancement appliances (MAA)

are a proven method for controlling snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), many people stop using

their plastic device because they find it unbearable.

The Somnowell is the first MAA made from chrome cobalt alloy and is far smaller and therefore more

comfortable than any plastic device can be. Each Somnowell is tailor-made to fit perfectly and meet your

individual needs.


A mandibular advancement appliance should be as small and compact as possible. Firstly to make it as

comfortable as possible to wear, and secondly to avoid pushing the tongue backwards and opening the

mouth too wide. The main purpose of wearing an MAA is to bring the tongue forwards, this stops it falling

back during sleep and blocking the airway, the main cause of snoring and OSA. Plastic devices are

generally bulky and often take up tongue space, this is counter productive as it pushes the tongue back and

means the jaw needs to be held even further forwards which can be uncomfortable.

The Somnowell has a patented lower connector so unlike other devices there are no bulky parts in the

tongue area. The Somnowell is only a few mm’s thick and allows the patient to keep their lips closed or

open and to breathe normally.


Mandibular advancement appliances are the most well researched and proven method for treating both

snoring and OSA. The Somnowell appliance is the first 4th generation mandibular advancement appliance,

developed by Dr Simon Ash over 15 years. Follow up studies of patients treated by Dr Ash reveal a

reported success rate of over 93%.

Every Somnowell benefits from the personal involvement of Dr Ash. Dr Ash is a Consultant and Specialist

Orthodontist with a special interest in snoring and OSA, and one of the UK’s leading practitioners in this

area. He personally oversees the checking of each patient’s records, the design and construction, and the

final checks of every appliance before he or a Somnowell Practitioner fits it.


A mandibular advancement appliance should be durable and long lasting. Snoring and OSA are typically

life long conditions that progressively get worse as we grow older.

The Somnowell is made from cast chrome cobalt alloy which has the same qualities as gold that make it

ideal for long term use in the mouth. It will not deform or degrade and will look and feel exactly the same

after many years of use. This has the added advantage of enabling the patient to avoid the cost and

inconvenience of having to continually replace plastic devices.


A mandibular advancement appliance should be sterilisable and not harbour bacteria and oral fungi. Plastic

devices quickly become smelly and unsightly as they become infested with bacteria and oral fungi. They

are also notoriously hard to clean and cannot be sterilised. Eventually all plastic devices degrade and

deform until they have to be replaced.

The Somnowell is impervious to bacteria and oral fungi and is easy to clean and maintain. It can also be

steralised in hot water without risk of damaging the material. The Somnowell will always remain clean and


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