Tips when dealing with halitosis (bad breath)


Bad breath is a common problem that affects patients of all ages. It is estimated that around 1 in 4 people suffer from bad breath on a regular basis, this can have marked psychological consequences, and can seriously affect individuals’ confidence.

Typically the advice we will offer to any patient with bad breath is to brush and floss regularly, and to make sure they brush their tongue. Though this can have some impact on bad breath, it still doesn’t take them all the way to a neutral breath. You need a compound that reduces bad breath or volatile sulphur compounds (VSC’s) down to something that is below the human nose threshold. Of course we are not eliminating VSC’s completely — no product would ever be able to do that — but we are reducing the level down below human tolerances, and with more than 99% reduction in some cases. Most solutions can’t come anywhere near this level of effectiveness, many just mask the smell and don’t actually fight the cause or lose effect soon.

“I’ve been working with halitosis research since 2002”  “The reason I became interested in bad breath was that lots of patients would ask me about it, but I realised I didn’t know what it was, what caused it, or how best to treat it. This led me to carry out some research in the area which led me to an understanding about why most products don’t really work in dealing with bad breath. Quite simply, they are designed to mask the problem.” We were looking for a substance that did work and worked for a long time and we found one. This chain of events then led me to my association with the product that later became CB12

Our initial idea, went through the various stages of product development and launch. Though for many bad breath has and possibly always will have a stigma attached to it, now with CB12 there is a viable solution on offer. It’s a solution suitable for everyone, both long-term sufferers as well as those patients seeking that extra fresh breath confidence for the times they need it most.

“In my experience, the patients will fall into one of two categories. There are those more serious cases where sometimes the patient has suffered for so long that they don’t even recognise the problem. Often they find their family and friends telling them about their bad breath on a regular basis, and so are seeking a product they can use long-term to reduce their symptoms. The other category of patients are those who are concerned about bad breath but who may not suffer it all the time. We all know the mouth will smell bad from time to time, so for these patients its about confidence, and having that reassurance that they are protected when they want to be at their best.

Written by Thomas Norlin, born in Sweden he completed his training as a dentist in Stockholm in 1998 and qualified as an Implantologist in 2001. As well as being published in several well-known scientific journals, he has also worked extensively as part of a team of dentists behind the innovative mouth wash CB12 — an internationally marketed product that is clinically proven to neutralise bad breath for 12hours.

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