The UK's top cosmetic surgery trends for 2015


For 2015, the cosmetic surgery and injectable market is predicted to be worth £3.6 billion in the UK alone. With statistics such as these, enquiries for cosmetic procedures have also rocketed.

Ranking top of the list for 2014 was open rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job, rising 1,200%, whereas nasal tip surgery saw a rise of 763%. The £4,500 procedure requires a small incision to be made at the bridge of the nose, which does not tend to scar but does require a recovery time of at least 10 days.

With a larger average price tag of £5,451, mini face lifts have risen dramatically. Eye lift surgery enquiries have jumped to such an extent that prices have risen to £2,199 in 12 months.

It appears Britain wants to watch their weight as well with questions about Mini abdominoplasties, Full abdominoplasties and Lipoabdominoplasties jumping up the ranks. Common procedure, still ranked 3rd for 2014, liposuction has risen by 69%.

With demand being so high, we always advise any potential patients to research their procedure, their surgeon's credentials and qualifications. Make sure you are clear of the risks, the benefits and any other doubts you may have before going under the knife.

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