The ugly truth of crooked teeth and the food debris that lurks in your mouth


Teeth straightening isn’t just about looking good. Did you know that a crooked smile is also an unhealthy one?

A tight, overcrowded mouth — or one that’s gappy — can be tricky to clean and plaque can accumulate and stagnate, leading to gum inflammation and unsightly stains.

A wonky smile can also leads to stinky breath, with hidden food debris trapped in tight crevices hanging around, bacteria will have a field day.

The longer food stays near the bacteria on the teeth, the more acids will be produced and the smellier the inside of your mouth becomes.

These acids can also dissolve minerals inside the tooth enamel so a mouth with a lot of nooks and crannies is far more likely to trap food and be more susceptible to tooth decay.

Orthodontics and other cosmetic treatments, therefore, do not only help you achieve your goal of a dazzling smile, but can also transform the state of your oral health.

Once your teeth are straightened, your dental hygiene habits are much easier to maintain and cleaning teeth becomes an easier task.

A straighter smile can also boost confidence. Without the fear of bad breath and embarrassment of your misaligned teeth, it can make a difference to how you feel about yourself.

Regular hygiene is also paramount to ensuring any cosmetic treatment is successful and will keep at bay the risk of dental disease.

So, make sure you visit your dental team for hygiene check ups to ensure you know how to keep your mouth in tip-top condition throughout treatment.

Let’s face it, there is very little point is straight teeth if you have unhealthy gums.

If you opt for fixed braces, be aware that the brackets and wires can be very difficult to clean around.

Removable braces make it easier to keep clean, allowing for good dental hygiene habits and reducing the risk of dental disease, such as tooth decay.

You can also discreetly clear all food debris following meals and then pop your appliance back in.

The dental team is also there to talk you through the tools that you’ll need to keep your mouth free of any food debris and will show you how to use them, avoiding damage to the appliance.

So, cosmetic dental treatments come with added benefits so ask your dentist about teeth straightening today.


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