The South West sees an increase in men looking to alter and improve problem areas on their face and bodies.


The South West sees the highest increase in men looking to alter their problem areas in a bid for a longer and healthier life.

More men appear to be opting for a surgical solution to their looks, with 83% of Nuffield Health surgeons in the South West saying that they have noticed an increase in men seeking cosmetic surgery. This study reveals that the most popular queries from men are nose jobs, eyelid lifts and breast tissue removal. However, practitioners have also noticed a rise in previously overweight patients seeking surgery after weight loss.

Surgeons from Nuffield Health believe this trend may be immersing from a generation that want to live longer, healthier lives, looking well as they do it. With plastic surgery becoming more 'norm' in recent years, it does not appear that this increase will subside, with men accounting for 1 in 10 cosmetic procedures in the UK.

Consultant plastic surgeon, Dr Ian Whitworth said: “I’m now seeing many more people in their 60s, 70s and even their 80s seeking plastic surgery as they not only want to remain fit and healthy into their old age but they want to look well too. I think this trend will continue as this is an expanding age group. They aren’t usually looking for radical work, normally face-rejuvenation, and providing they are fit and healthy, we can use new techniques and technologies which are ideally suited to them.”

Even though some surgeons have mentioned obscurer requests such as penis extensions, ear lobe reductions, buttock implants and forked tongues, most male patients are seeking a natural appearance. Many surgeons said they could see a move away from copying celebrities, with 75% stating it a very rare request.

This recent research highlighted that the choice to go under the knife is not down to peer pressure or a need to look good at work but instead a booster for self confidence which surgeons agreed was a key motivator.

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