The rise and rise of ‘Brotox’ — why more men are on the hunt for age-defying injectables


In the last five years there has been a huge influx in men seeking injectable treatments. Dr Rita Rakus reveals how boys are giving girls a run for their money when it comes to cosmetic procedures — but sssshhh don’t tell anyone!

Men now make up around 20% of all treatments and this shows no signs of slowing down. The media have even coined the term ‘Brotox’, evidence of its rise in popularity. One reason for this increase is a number of male celebrities speaking up and praising injectables and their ability to subtly slow down ageing.


People’s perceptions within society have changed, and injectables are now no longer seen as a solely feminine procedure. This has resulted in men being more than happy to explore injectable options for that much-needed confidence boost. The majority of men request a natural look that does not erase all wrinkles, but simply gives an overall calmer and smoother appearance.

The job market is more competitive than ever and men are starting to feel the pressure to rival their younger colleagues. This is definitely one of the reasons why men are turning to injectable procedures to retain a youthful appearance, and make a good first impression within the workplace.

Of course, staying active in the gym and maintaining a good diet will always be important. However, they can only do so much. Men are realising injectable treatments can go the extra mile they need. Injectable treatments offer long-lasting results that can be achieved instantly and much more instantly than a training session in the gym!

Men are looking to attain an understated look in a non-invasive way. It shouldn’t be obvious to others that they’ve had work done, but they simply wish to improve their confidence and self-esteem.

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