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One of the most common cosmetic surgery requests that surgeons are faced with today is umbilicoplasty, and it’s all down to patients wanting their belly buttons to 'look like their favourite celebrities’.

With all the incredible surgery options available nowadays – from nose jobs, boob jobs and even having your ears pinned back – it’s no surprise that the latest trend in cosmetic surgery is ‘belly button surgery’.

Known as umbilicoplasty, the surgery involves altering the patient’s natural belly button shape to make it look more ‘desirable’.

The celebrity that seems to be having the most influence on people’s belly buttons is supermodel, Emily Ratajkowski. The stunning brunette isn’t one to shy aware from the cameras and is known to flaunt her gorgeous assets all over her Instagram page; often showing off her incredibly toned midriff. 

The star’s ‘hooded’ oval belly button is one of the most requested for surgeons around the world. One certified surgeon based in New York, Darren Smith, claims that “the belly button is an incredibly important feature with regards to the stomach”.

It’s clear to see therefore, why so many people are wanting to alter the look of their belly button in an attempt to make it more aesthetically pleasing. 

Emily Ratajkowski isn’t the only celebrity with a ‘strong belly button game’ however, as the likes of Jessica Simpson are also known to be a source of inspiration for many people.

It’s not uncommon for patients to find their celebrity inspiration when it comes to belly button surgery, with many people actually bringing in images of their favourite celebrities’ stomachs to show the surgeons exactly what they want.

Matthew Schulman, a plastic surgeon who is accustomed to carrying out this procedure states that the ideal belly button is “a vertical oval shape that makes the tummy appear longer and the abs more toned”. 

Another request from patients seeking belly button cosmetic surgery is for an ‘innie’; also known as a conclave navel that essentially goes inwards while being slightly hooded.

It may seem like belly button surgery is quite the strange request but the idea behind it is that people want their stomach to appear more toned and ‘flat’, while the belly button gives it a pleasing shape.

Many women have also been known to seek out this surgery once they’ve had a baby as it aids in removing excess skin.

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