Smile spat! Katie Price gets her claws out for Victoria Beckham’s pout


The ongoing spat between Katie Price and Victoria Beckham reignited this week.
Katie made an appearance on TV’s Loose Women on Tuesday and laid into to the superstar’s famous pout, suggesting the reason she opts for that facial expression is that she has ‘horrible teeth’.


The former Spice Girl’s infamous refusal to ‘say cheese’ for the paparazzi came under scrutiny on the show, with presenter Gloria Hunniford bemused by her reluctance to grin and bare it when in front of the lens.

'That's because she has horrible teeth,' Katie said, who also admitted she doesn’t smile herself because of an accident with a skateboard that smashed her teeth and ruined her own grin when she was younger.

Since then, Katie has famously undergone extensive dental treatment to the tune of £95,000.

But, according to a recent survey carried out to mark National Smile Month, Ms Beckham is not alone in her refusal to offer an open smile for the camera.

With the rise in popularity of the selfie, the notorious Beckham pout is now very much the facial expression of choice, winning hands down over a warm smile.

In fact, 1 in 10 women admit to never showing their teeth when smiling, with 43% of 18-25 year olds admitting to being unlikely to show their teeth in any photo.

Less than a third (29%) of us admitted we are likely to pose for a photograph with an open mouth smile, with findings showing that discoloured teeth are the biggest reason we are not flashing our pearly whites (33%).

Research also shows there are a large number of patients over the age of eighteen actively seeking out orthodontic treatment because they have misaligned teeth — and a wonky smile.

In the UK, adult patients make up an ever increasing demographic in orthodontic practice.

According to a survey conducted by the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics in 2013, they made up 23% of all orthodontic patients compared with 10% 15 years earlier.

With this spike in numbers of us adults seeking to improve misaligned teeth or just whiten them, it’s no wonder a healthy white smile has become so important in both social and work arenas, including interviews and dating.

According to psychologist and psychotherapist Corinne Sweet, a smile can go a long way whatever the occasion.

She says: ‘A warm and open smile signals positive emotions when we meet others: it means, “I am friendly”, or “I am open and inviting’” or “I am happy to see you”, and is an essential part of how we create a good first impression in others.

‘Smiling also evokes good feelings in others, as we often mimic those we meet. When we smile we move over forty facial muscles, and these send signals to the brain, releasing feel-good hormones. So the knock-on effect can, literally, change your day (and of course, the other person’s when they smile back). Gaining confidence in your own smile, may gain you friends, work opportunities, and attract all sorts of things, including love into your life. The power of a positive smile can’t be underestimated as a brilliant psycho-social tool.’

If you wish to discuss any concerns you have about your smile or want to know more about teeth straightening, teeth whitening and smile makeovers, you can talk to one of our cosmetic dentists here





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