Should we say 'NO' to 'faux-tox' Vacation Breasts?


In reply to the ‘Vacation Breasts’ article, our expert tell us why breast augmentation is a lot more reliable than temporary Botox breast lifts:

The ‘Non-Invasive’ Breast Augmentation solution ‘Botox Breast Lifts’ which are being condemned as a ‘gimmick or marketing ploy’ by leading surgeons paralyses the pectoralis muscle but leaves experts wondering what this has to do with the size of shape of the breasts.

Botox certainly has the absence of any down time needed on its side but whereas Breast Augmentation is proven to enhance a woman’s breast size and shape Botox is used as a temporary means for lifting a sagging bust line.  It is supposed to work by reducing the pressure of the pectoral muscles on the shoulders so that they don’t slouch and the breasts are lifted.

Our resident Breast Expert Olivier Branford says that there are a number of reasons to advise caution with this regards to this treatment:


"There is no peer reviewed evidence-base to suggest that this treatment actually works. The idea that it lifts breasts is incorrect anatomically: The pectoralis major muscle moves the shoulder and not the breast. The breast does not contain any muscle itself so the Botox won’t change the breast.

Those using it suggest that it makes breasts increase in size. Again there is no evidence for this and on the contrary Botox, after sustained use, may cause muscle wasting and loss of volume.

It is of concern when doctors advocate unproven treatments via marketing tactics. Worst of all injecting into the chest has the potential to affect arm movement or breathing and to puncture the lung. There are risks every time a break is made in the skin including severe infections. Although very useful in rejuvenating the upper face, the benefits of Botox do not merit the risks here.

In addition there are false economies. For a procedure that is not inexpensive and would need repeating every 3 to 6 months for any continued effect: This cost would soon add up!

The doses used would have to be much greater than those used in the face due to the size of the pectoralis major muscle, pushing up the prices and with the attendant risk of toxicity. It is unlikely that the treatment goes anywhere near any muscle!

This treatment has not been shown to have any effect on the size or shape of the breast which are the reasons it has been advocated by those doctors currently marketing its use. There is no magic bullet other than breast augmentation and/or fat transfer with or without the BRAVA device or free tissue transfer to increase breast volume. Although breast augmentation can lift a breast to a small degree if done correctly, for any more of a breast lift a formal mastopexy (‘breast lift’) is required."

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