Searching for the perfect breast shape?


According to our very own experts Dr. Patrick Mallucci and Dr. Olivier Branford, the ideal breast shape has been revealed.

And it’s probably not what you think! Gone has the craze for unnatural ‘football like’ or ‘Baywatch breast’ shapes— natural is back!

Our doctors explained “Preconceptions that men prefer an artificial augmented look are false.” And “Particularly in the United States in previous decades, plastic surgeons have used implants that were often round due to being filled with saline,” 

In a study to discover the critical ideals of breast beauty 1315 people (varying between men, women, and plastic surgeons) were asked to look at photos of different breasts. Each of the women’s breasts were morphed into four different proportions. One of the key features was the upper pole—to—lower pole percentage proportion. (The amount of breast tissue above and below the nipple.) The panel were asked to pick the proportions they liked best. The winning ratio across all three groups was 45:55, where 45% of breast tissue is above the nipple line and 55% below.


The second most popular shape for the women over 40 was the even 50:50 ‘melon’ shape breast, perhaps because those women are pining for the volume which they might have lost with age? “As the breast ages,” wrote the researchers, “it becomes more fatty, the skin sags and the nipple falls, often with breast volume loss.”

The Doctors concluded ‘We are currently completing a study based on surgical planning to achieve the 45:55 ratio. The results of this clinical study will be released imminently. The aesthetic ideal we present goes very much hand in hand with the safe practice and planning described previously. It serves as a visual guide for both patient and surgeon in primary and secondary surgery. The goal is to produce more acceptable, longer lasting results and ultimately more beautiful breasts.’

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