Revealed – Britain's secret snacking habits


Following almost two years of COVID-19, Britain's snacking habits have been laid bare in a brand new survey. 

From takeaways to McDonald's breakfasts, around one in 6 admitted to regularly eating a tube of Pringles to themselves. 

In addition one in four confessed to regularly ordering a takeaway as they are 'too lazy to cook'. And a further one in 6 conceal chocolate around the house from their partner. 

Snacking sins

A list of Britain’s other snacking sins includes:

  1. Ordering takeaway because I’m too lazy to cook (26%)
  2. Having an extra scoop of ice-cream or slice of cake (23%)
  3. Keeping secret stash of chocolate (17%)
  4. Eating entire pack of Pringles by myself (16%)
  5. Eating an entire packet of biscuits with cuppa (16%)
  6. Grabbing breakfast from McDonald’s (15%)
  7. Eat childhood foods like Spaghetti hoops or fish fingers (14%)
  8. Eating cereal for dinner (13%)
  9. Eating Nutella from a jar (11%)
  10. Eating kids’ leftovers in restaurant (6%).

Lee Whitbread is the CEO of Fortune Games, who carried out the study. 'Everyone likes to indulge from time to time, but during lockdown many of us were reaching for the snack cupboard more than we should,' he said. 

'This data should focus minds on the enormous challenge we face as a nation if we are to kick our junk food habit and embrace healthy living.'

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