Philips issues a challenge to dental professionals


Dental professionals are invited to take part in the 2105 Sonicare Challenge


Philips is recruiting dental professionals to take part in a study it is running in the autumn to assess the effectiveness the Sonicare toothbrush. All GDC registered dentists, hygienists and therapists can sign up to take part in the Sonicare Challenge and will receive a Sonicare EasyClean toothbrush fitted with an InterCare brush head, to experience Sonicare cleaning  for themselves.   In return all they need to do is try the brush for 28 days and let Phillips have their feedback.

Over 5,000 dentists and hygienists took part in the 2014 Sonicare Challenge and following the trial 81 percent of respondents stated that they would recommend Sonicare over other electric toothbrushes1, whilst 94 percent said that they would continue to use Sonicare personally following the trial.1 

The patented technology of Sonicare uses a sonic cleaning action, which combines high frequency (number of brush strokes) and amplitude (distance of bristle movements) for a unique clean.     Challenge participants will find that unlike other electric brushes they may have used, this sonic action agitates the toothpaste and fluid in the mouth creating a dynamic fluid cleaning to clean between teeth and along the gum line where bristles fail to reach.  This results in up to 7 times greater plaque removal compared with a manual toothbrush, as well as healthier gums in just two weeks, with a reduction in bleeding and inflammation.2    Built-in technological innovation also prevents overbrushing which can lead to receding gums and tooth sensitivity.

The Sonicare EasyClean being used in the trial will be coupled with an InterCare brush head which features extra-long filaments to reach deep between teeth and remove six times the amount of plaque biofilm a manual toothbrush can achieve.2  The head is considered to be as effective as it is because it uses anchor-free tufting technology with filaments of differing lengths placed in a unique pattern.  In this configuration the filaments can penetrate deep in between teeth while cleaning and polishing their surfaces and improving gum health in just 2 weeks.2 The brush head is also available 2 sizes to accommodate mouth size and site specific requirements.

Experiential assessment

The clinical results of the Sonicare brush are irrefutable; however Philips is seeking experiential feedback.  The evaluation of the Sonicare brush will run from August 2015 until stocks last.  Dental professionals will be provided with the Sonicare and to thank them for participating will be allowed to keep it at the end of the 30 day trial period after reporting their findings.  To sign up to take part please visit   The results of the trial will be announced later in 2015.


1 2014 Sonicare Challenge results

2 Compared with a DiamondClean toothbrush with an InterCare brush head

3 Ward M, Argosino K, Jenkins W, Milleman J, Milleman K, Nelson M, Souza S Data on File, 2012

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