Online dating plans prompts TV comedian John Thomson to seek hair transplant surgery


Fast Show comedian John Thomson has had a hair transplant in the hope of boosting his love life post divorce.

Divorced John, 47, is trying internet dating but feared he would look like ‘a bald thug’.

He joins Cold Feet co-star James Nesbitt who also underwent hair transplant surgery and actor-turned-presenter Joe Swash who revealed he’d undergone the same surgery when he was a guest on TV’s Loose Women earlier this month.

John told The Sun: ‘I realised I was losing my hair so I thought I'd get it done at the Farjo Hair Institute.’

However, his quest for love online had been unsuccessful so far because most of his potential partners think his dating profile is a fake, he says.

‘People did recognise me but didn’t believe it was the real me. There were lots of messages from people saying, “You must think I’m mad”, “What a joke” and “You’ve got to be kidding me”,’ he explains.

Earlier this year, a balding man claims he saw a 75% increase in Tinder matches after having a hair transplant.

Richard King, 31, says he managed 116 matches from women on Tinder before his transplant, but with a fuller head of hair he got 203.

He posted two simultaneous profiles — with different pictures — to see what a difference his hair would make.

The Farjo Hair Institute carried out the study over a 10-day period.

Male pattern baldness generally results in a receding hairline, followed by thinning of the hair on the crown and temples. In some cases it progresses to complete baldness.

Comparethetreatment expert Greg Williams is a plastic surgeon specialising in hair restoration. He says: ‘Successful high profile cases, such as Wayne Rooney, have fostered an increase in the number of men seeking aesthetic treatments to restore their hair. There is no reason why hair restoration shouldn’t become as socially acceptable as having teeth straightened with cosmetic dentistry.

‘If you have thinning hair at any age, it can have a very real impact on self-confidence, everyday life and interpersonal relationships. More men are opting for cosmetic procedures as the pressure to look good, driven by traditional and social media, increases.’

He adds: ‘Websites such as offer safe, evidence-based advice from experienced clinicians.'

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