Olympic star Stephanie Rice celebrates her year Rhinoplasty anniversary by helping others with their plastic surgery queries.


Have you ever wanted to get the pros and cons from someone who's been through cosmetic surgery? After her Rhinoplasty confession in early 2014, Australian athlete Stephanie Rice has vowed to help fans seeking advise on life altering surgery.

Rice told her 90,000 Instagram followers that she was overwhelmed by the support and the amount of fans with queries. “I get an email almost every fortnight from my website asking me who my surgeon was and what the surgery was like and I love being able to help them out because it can be pretty daunting.”

Her new nose was first shown to the world through a glamorous photo shoot in March 2014. When first asked about the procedure, the Olympic gold medallist told press that “When I made the choice to have my Rhinoplasty at the start of last year I had a few people around me advising me to keep it hush-hush because I guess a lot of people do.” However, after seeing the results of her nose, she could not help but show the world. “... there is no better feeling than owning your decisions and feeling empowered...speaking out about it has allowed me to guides others who are in the same position I was.” Stephanie’s nose was injured in younger years during swimming training. Her broken nose flattened the bridge causing ongoing sinus problems. Her Olympic schedule and competitions spanned over a decade that meant she was unable to take time out to undergo Rhinoplasty.   Her new-found confidence is said to have led to further life changing decisions such as her move to the States. “I'm going to miss so many people here in Aus but I will be back every few months to see them and my gorgeous family but the US is the next step in my learning and growing.”

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