‘Oh, my word!’ Watch this woman’s reaction when she sees her new smile for the first time


Cosmetic dentist Jan Einfeldt transformed the smile — and boosted the confidence — of Nick, a professional public speaker, using the teeth-straightening system, Six Months Smiles. Here’s what you need to know…

six months smile

Why should I opt for Six Months Smiles?

It is the most popular fixed cosmetic teeth straightening system in the UK and America with more than 100,000 treated patients.

What is the system’s USP?

Straight teeth, less time, clear braces!

Does it actually work?

Yes, over 100.000 treated patients. You can see video testimonials of patients and cases on the website.

Does it hurt?

Some patients experience minor discomfort and will take a painkiller if required but, unlike the traditional 'metal braces' that many teenagers use, Six Month Smiles uses much lighter forces and most patients do not need painkillers at all.

I am getting married in five months’ time — is it too late to start?

That depends on how severe the case is. It will also take time to do the assessment and have the braces ordered. Dr Einfeldt has finished cases in four months; more severe cases can take longer than six months.

The sooner you come for a free consultation the better!

Is it cheaper than normal orthodontics?

Generally yes, because the treatment time is shorter.

Does it only address problems with the ‘social six’ — or the front six teeth that show when I smile?

The teeth corrected are back to the premolars, that is 10 upper and 10 lower teeth. Six Month Smiles will address more than just the tooth position; it will also improve on the gum symmetry for an overall better result.

Will it correct my bite?

Six Months Smiles can correct certain cross bites and anterior open bites (when the front teeth don't meet).

Will it make me more confident?

A nice smile has been shown to make people more confident and attractive.

Some say a smile is your ‘business card’, and the first thing you see before you even speak to a person.

Will I need a retainer?

Yes, and for as long as you want your teeth to stay straight.

Will I need to change my diet?

Whilst wearing the braces, you must eat softer food so as not to damage them. Certain food, such as curry and tomato ketchup, can stain parts of the braces. These bits get changed at every review appointment, which is every four weeks, but keep the teeth clean as much as possible.

How often will I need to attend for adjustments?

Generally, every four weeks.

Will it address crooked teeth and overcrowding?

Yes, but you have to be assessed for suitability.

Will they affect my speech?

To begin with you can develop a little lisp, but we teach you how to overcome that. Watch Nick, a professional public speaker, see her teeth for the first time after wearing braces. She had the same concerns… https://youtu.be/g-U6l4QYYio


3 main reasons why people opt for Six Months Smiles?

  • Less time
  • Clear braces
  • Lower investment compared to other teeth straightening systems

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