New statistics reveal that one in five of us would now consider 'quick fix' weight loss treatments.


Recent statistics by retail analyst organisation Mintel confirm that weight loss surgery is on the rise, with over one in five people, or 22%, saying that they would consider surgical procedures to combat their weight. With women making up a large majority of the 22%, procedures such as liposuction and excess skin removal were mentioned as a 'quick fix' to shed pounds.

Additional research shows that three out of ten people who consider cosmetic procedures are interested in a fast cure to their problem areas. This cosmetic demand has seen an increase in the amount of non-invasive weight loss treatments available in UK, from CoolSculpting fat reduction to Liposuction.

Mintel's lifestyle analyst, Jack Duckett, said: “It is clear that there is significant growth potential for procedures related to weight loss, including excess skin removal and liposuction. This could presents the UK cosmetic surgery market with a greater number of opportunities to assist adults with rapid weight loss, or provide excess skin removal for those that have lost weight themselves.”

These new statistics found that the waistline is where we'd most like to improve, with four in ten adults worrying about lumps and bumps. Runner ups were teeth, bums, hips, thighs and hair on the face or body.

Self-esteem was quoted as the main reason to undergo surgery, with over half of those questioned already booked in for cosmetic procedures. One in ten felt that plastic surgery was more socially acceptable in today's society and one in twenty even stated it would boost career aspirations.

This rise in interest for cosmetic procedures means that many Brits are jetting off overseas to get cheaper treatments. Mintel's Jack Duckett believes this “is an opportunity to tackle the proportion of consumers who are choosing to go abroad for treatments in search of a better deal. UK clinics could do this by emphasising the high quality of post-procedural care and follow-up attention they can provide, due to them being nearer the customer’s home.”

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