Men strike a pose in the cosmetic surgery market


Men are becoming more ‘face aware’ and boosting the facial injectables market considerably in their search to turn back the clock.

According to a recent study – Global Facial Injectables Market 2016-2020 – the trend for non-surgical cosmetic treatments looks set to rocket in the next few years.

And enhancing our aesthetic appeal is no longer ‘just for girls’.

According to analyst Barath Palada: ‘Men are seeking to achieve a more youthful look and feel better about their appearances.’

In 2015, there were three million Botox jabs around the globe – boosted massively by a more accepting patient base, more women splashing out of beauty treatments and increased brand awareness.

Non-surgical procedures continue to grow and the report predicts a huge spike leading up to 2020.

The increasing popularity of HA-based dermal fillers also look set to boost the market.

Stats released earlier this year by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons revealed that men currently make up 9% of those of us undergoing cosmetic surgery in the UK – and this has increased twofold in the past 10 years.

Robbie Williams recently confessed to having Botox and fillers and eyelifts are fast becoming the treatments of choice for an increasing number of blokes.

Many men are embracing procedures in as a bid to stay young and fresh looking as they compete with their younger colleagues in the workplace, while others are looking to have cosmetic procedures post divorce to boost their appeal and up their chances in the dating stakes.

In 2012, a YouGov survey revealed that: ‘Among those consumers who have had a facial cosmetic procedure nearly one in four (38%) said they did so because they were dissatisfied with the way they currently looked. Around a third (32%) had it done in order to make them feel more comfortable, and just under a quarter (23%) wanted to look more attractive. Overall, four in ten (40%) would consider any form of facial cosmetic procedure.’
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