Looking to get cosmetic surgery? Make sure you know the ins and outs.


Whether you want to have a nip, tuck or a plump, millions of us are contemplating going down the cosmetic surgery route to improve ourselves. Especially when going under the knife, there are several important factors that you should consider beforehand.

Hospital facilities:

Researching where your surgery is performed is crucial to ensure that you are in safe hands. We advise treating this as seriously as any other medical practice. It could be that the hospital has a history of malpractice, uncleanliness and problems with the law.

Taking a visit to the hospital prior to surgery is always beneficial. For outpatient procedures, you will be able to see your doctor and the surgery areas. If you're feeling comfortable with practitioners, you are bound to be at ease throughout.

The procedure and anaesthesia:

Before even meeting with your surgeon, it is important to research your procedure thoroughly, from the specifics of the surgery to the possible side effects and medications.

Usually forgotten, questioning the type of anaesthesia and the feelings you'll have are very essential. The amount of anaesthesia that is used varies pain levels and recovery time.

The surgeon:

During a consultation, it is advised to ask a prospective surgeon about their credentials. Ask them questions about their past education, experiences and photographs of former patients.


When you are the patient, considerations may be a little daunting. It is best to ensure that you feel completely at ease before going under any cosmetic surgery, regardless of how big or small.

As most cosmetic surgeries are difficult and painful to reverse, it is vital that you are confident that surgery is the correct decision for you. Unhealthy choices, such as being overweight, can be resolved through surgery but this would involve a complete lifestyle alteration, rather than a 'quick fix.'  You could think about Cosmetic 3D imaging before you embark on surgery.

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