Lets get it straight with Damon Braces


What is the difference with Damon braces?

The Damon system works on not just aligning your teeth but perfecting a smile for you. During your first consultation, you will be examined on your teeth, the shape of your face, profile and other factors that are important for your current and future smile.

How long does the orthodontic treatment take with Damon braces?

During your first consultation, it will be determined how much time it will take to straighten your teeth and create a smile that you will be happy with for a lifetime. With the Damon system, it tends to be typically faster than conventional braces.

Will my teeth hurt after my Damon braces have been tightened?

With the Damon brace method, teeth do not need to be tightened as instead they use a light “shape memory” wire that is changed every few months. Many people who use this method experience very little discomfort. Those who experience pain or pressure are able to use an over the counter pain killer that will alleviate this.

Since Damon braces work faster than most systems, does this mean that it is harsh or unsafe?

What makes the Damon system work so quickly is the use of gentler, more biologically sensible forces than conventional braces. Natural low-friction assures improved tooth position and facial harmony. The use of very light “shape memory” titanium wires guide teeth to the desired position. It is very rare that people experience discomfort.

How much do Damon braces cost?

As with many other treatments, the cost of Damon braces is determined by the specific treatment needed. The factors that will effect cost includes: how long the treatment will take, the type of treatment need and any damage that may need to be replaced. However, Damon braces are usually the same cost as traditional braces. Practitioners always provide price plans for those who cannot afford the full amount.

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