Julia Roberts speaks out on cosmetic surgery rumours


Recently, after just turning 47, superstar actress Julia Roberts opened up to You Magazine about the pressures from Hollywood to go under the surgeon's knife. Her interview debuted shortly after Renée Zellweger (below) came under scrutiny during her first new look appearance at Elle magazine’s October event.

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Roberts claims she already took a large career risk by not having a facelift. However, her youthful appearance has landed her a current role as a beauty ambassador for Lancome cosmetics, stressing her wish to become “an ageing model.” She hopes that Lancome will keep her “for at least five more years until I’m over 50.”

Throughout the years, rumours have circulated through the press about Julia Roberts and her youthful appearance. With her lips retaining their fullness even in her forties, experts have suggested she has undergone a lip augmentation. Others say that the tip of her nose has changed over time, suggesting a Rhinoplasty. The absence of wrinkles and forehead lines has promoted further speculations of Botox. Roberts claims not to have had any surgery, stating that her youthfulness comes from her study of yoga which allows her to “not take things too seriously.”

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