How to pucker up and be more kissable


In a busy world, we can all lose sight of the important things in life — and a simple pleasure such as a kiss should never be forgotten!


As an intimate act, it’s a great way to bond with a loved one, it creates endorphins — the happiness hormone — and can also ward off illness. It can even burn off calories! But, before you pucker up, here are some delicious lip-smacking tips from our’s experts.


Bad breath tips from expert Thomas Norlin

Basic dietary choices and hygiene habits play a significant in the successful management of bad breath — or halitosis, as it is also known. Interdental brushes or floss are an important part of your armoury. Diet choices also make a difference. Eating food that contain large amounts of one of the bacteria’s favourite amino acids — cysteine — such as cheese, will again create more gas production. Prevention is easy if you stick to the rules! Commit to the ‘two minutes twice a day’ recommended brushing routine and be sure to use a fluoride toothpaste. Visit a dentist regularly and remember, certain medications can cause a dry mouth — or xerostomia, to give it its proper name — so be sure to share this information with your dental team.

Dry mouth means you don't have enough saliva to keep your mouth wet, which controls bacteria in the mouth but the good news is that extra saliva produced with kissing can wash bacteria off your teeth, which can help break down dental plaque!


Lip tips from expert Rita Rakus

Keep your lips healthy and hydrated no matter how they may appear. If they aren’t cared for they tend to become sore, cracked and, in some cases, cold sores can appear. I recommend using a moisturising lip product on your lips daily and drinking lots of water so you’re keeping them hydrated — inside and out. Also, exfoliate them every few days as you would your face. This prevents the build-up of dead skin cells so they are smooth and healthy.  There are a number of signs that lips are ageing and the most common include wrinkles and fine lines around the lips or on the lips themselves, thinning lips and a gradual downturn in the corners of the mouth. Luckily, lip enhancements can normally target all three of these concerns no matter what stage the lips are at.


Teeth whitening tips from Zaki Kanaan

It requires maintenance to keep teeth white. Smoking obviously causing a lot of staining and I advise anyone to quit for all sorts of health reasons. How often you maintain the bright smile depends on whether you smoke or drink lots of black tea or coffee or red wine. In most cases, maintenance is simple and requires you to wear a custom-made whitening tray once every two to three months. Other methods to maintain white teeth include using some whitening toothpastes or whitening strips.


Healthy mouth from Rahul Doshi

Teeth should not only look good, feel comfortable and work to your satisfaction but they should also be healthy, as should the rest of your mouth. Any increase in frequency of sugar creates decay and there are hidden sugars in many foods — tomato soup, cereals and bread are real surprises and will have a poor impact on the health of your mouth. Sticking to good habits can be a challenge —especially with the busy lifestyles that many of us lead — but become an expert in reading food labels. Healthy eating — that includes leafy vegetables, fresh fruit, whole grains and nuts — also wards off other diseases so it’s a win-win! Cut down on your alcohol intake and quit smoking, too!

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