How Tinder is sparking a desire for a date with a dentist


Thousands of us are having cosmetic dental treatments — and dating websites are helping to fuel the passion for a straighter smile.

Teeth straightening can correct crooked teeth, a gummy or gappy smile. Add some teeth whitening and our romantic future looks bright, it seems!

According to the latest statistics, 1 in 5 relationships now start online and, while 81% of us lie about our height, age and figure while online dating, there is nowhere to hide when it comes to the state of our smiles.

The good news is that you can get your teeth fixed in so many different ways — and without anyone else knowing, too!

Many cosmetic dental practices now offer much more discreet options such as clear aligners, porcelain braces and back-of-the-teeth lingual orthodontics so you can correct crooked teeth quietly — and quickly, too! You can achieve your desired straight teeth in as little as four months with some treatments.

Ditching a crooked smile for a straighter one is not only more attractive, but once aligned, teeth are a lot easier to keep clean, which means there’s no risk of stinky breath.

That’s important on a first date where a potential partner is judging you on your appearance — and your fragrance!

A straighter smile is also a confidence booster; crooked teeth can have a negative impact on our ability to smile and, often, a closed mouth smile can mistakenly be interpreted as rude or unfriendly — a bit of a non-starter when it comes to dating, perhaps?

In the dating game, a great smile matters and those looking for love should take heed — according to stats, about seven million UK residents are currently using online dating and a study by dating site, eHarmony, predicts that half of new couples in the UK will meet online by the year 2031.

According to a recent survey by The Invisible Orthodontic Group, 85% of people seek teeth straightening for psychosocial reasons — and that includes looking for love.

Relationship issues and divorce spark our passion for improving a smile, with 73% of us hoping to improve our chances of appealing to a significant other and 22% hoping a new smile will help hook a new partner post divorce or relationship split.

With 8% of people looking to straighten teeth in the hope to improve their chances of attracting a date via sites such as Tinder — where appearance is all — the boom in dating online looks set to further fuel this overall desire for a straight smile.


I want a new smile because…

  • To get a foot on the ladder in my career
  • I have a big upcoming landmark event to attend
  • I’m getting married
  • I want to be more appealing to my partner
  • I want a better chance in the dating game
  • I need to boost my confidence and overcome shyness
  • I hate my smile in photographs
  • I’m fed up hiding my teeth and smiling with a hand in front of my mouth
  • I get bullied and teased
  • I want to be taken more seriously at work
  • I have a presentation at work coming up
  • I just want a new job
  • I’ve just split up with my partner
  • I’ve just joined Tinder!

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