‘Help! I’m losing my hair’ — what you need to know


Anouska Cassano is a highly experienced micro-pigmentation practitioner and comparethetreatment.com expert who specialises in the areas of scalp micro-pigmentation. Here, she talks about the treatment that offers an alternative option for men and women suffering hair loss who are not appropriate candidates for hair transplant surgery


How common is female hair loss?

NHS published figures estimating 8 million women in the UK alone suffer from some form of hair loss. There are many reasons this can happen and it's important, particularly for woman, to have a full blood test to ensure that the hair loss is not as a result of a medical issue.

How long does the treatment take?

It is a multi-treatment process. The size of the area to be treated may contribute to the number of sessions, but expect an average of 2-3 sessions. This should be set out clearly during the consultation together with cost of your treatment plan.

Can it enhance transplants, too?

Absolutely. No matter how good the transplant has been and how good the donor area is, it is practically impossible to transplant the hairs as closely together as natural hair growth.

Using HPT will enhance whichever method of transplant you have had, with the additional advantage of being able to camouflage any scars as a result of surgery.

Does it look natural, even close up?

Yes, the only time you will detect a difference is if you have areas of longer hair next to HPT. An example of this would be if a client has a Norwood 7 (traditional male pattern loss resulting in horse shoe shape of natural hair at the back) they had HPT to restore hairline and they let the area grow, you would see the difference between 2D and 3D actual hair.

What if I change my hair colour? HPT is not matched to actual hair colour, as this is impossible. The treatment is designed to mimic and create the illusion of ‘hair’. Treatment options vary from a zero shaven head look to diffuse and longer hair solutions. The colour will be matched to the ‘root’ environment which means unless you dye your hair an extreme tone e.g. peroxide blonde, you will have flexibility to change hair colour.

What feedback have you had from your patients?

‘Everything was very good with my hair and I am so pleased with it. Thank you for all your professionalism and hard work.’ — Nicole T

‘Firstly, the new colour is looking really good so I can't wait until I can wash my hair to see the final result.’ — Gordy

‘Was great to see you again too, I'm really happy with the result thank you.’ — Yurdal

‘In the words of David Cassidy "I think I love you”! The colour is looking great - I can hardly detect where the patch to the left was. Darling, you are changing my life xxx’ — Michelle S

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