Help! I need a confidence boost this Valentine’s Day – will improving my smile help?


Dr Diana Spencer of Abbey Road Dental shares her top tips to boosting your confidence

We all have those moments of flagging self-belief, those little voices in our heads that say we are not good enough in our thoughts, achievements or looks. Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves! The best way forward is to decide to make a small change, starting with appearance. It can be as simple as having a good haircut or buying a well-tailored item of clothing or even looking at the simple things that maybe we don’t think about When you look in the mirror are you happy with your smile? Do you cover your mouth when you laugh?

Perhaps you have just given up and feel that you cannot change anything. Think again, how would you feel if you had a dazzling bright, happy smile with even teeth? I can promise you that your confidence level will soar when you are happy with your smile. So, the answer is yes! Definitely! Improving your smile will bring you a positive attitude to yourself and those around you.

What three treatments will make my smile more appealing and boost my confidence?

So, now you have made the decision to act – that is fantastic! There are several treatments that can offer long- and/or short-term improvements.

  • Are your teeth a bit crooked or crossed over? Consider short-term (up to six months) invisible adult orthodontics, such as Cfast 
  • Are your teeth a bit worn down at the front or chipped? Composite build ups can be carried out in one session in the surgery
  • The simplest way forward is to brighten your teeth up with a professional cleaning, followed by teeth whitening. The Enlighten tooth-whitening system will guarantee great results – usually in about two weeks with little or no sensitivity!

  • When should I book an appointment with my hygienist?

    If you are planning a special day on the 14th, I suggest you see the hygienist for a thorough cleaning around a week or so before the date. That way any gum inflammation, possible bleeding from gingivitis and bad breath will have been tackled by the hygienist with thorough cleaning and polishing and by you at home with excellent brushing and use of interdental cleaners. By date night, you will have pink gums and unstained teeth and be looking your best!

    On a night out, how can I make sure my breath is fresh?  How can I check?

    So, stick to the obvious first. Bad breath can be caused by the presence of plaque so brush those teeth just before you go out and especially your tongue. Also:

    • Avoid smelly foods in the few hours prior to going out, such as onions garlic and curries
    • Make sure you drink plenty of water every day
    • Avoid alcohol – which is dehydrating – and, obviously, don’t smoke!
    • A mouthwash can help, but avoid any with alcohol that causes mouth dryness.
    • Use a tongue scraper daily – you’ll be surprised how smelly bacteria can linger on its surface
    • To check your breath lick your wrist, let it dry for a moment, then smell or floss between two teeth toward the back of your mouth and smell the floss.

    And finally, is there anything I hide away in my pocket or bag to freshen breath quickly and discreetly?

    Keep some sugarfree chewing gum or a fresh breath spray to hand, which can be used unobtrusively – and don’t forget to keep hydrated. Have fun!
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