Has TV chef Gordon Ramsay had cosmetic surgery?


Celebrity TV chef Gordon Ramsay has sparked rumours he has had further cosmetic treatment to hold back the years by smoothing out those wrinkles.

He fuelled rumours he’s had plastic surgery when he made an appearance at the Teen Choice Awards in California at the weekend looking more youthful than ever.

The 49-year-old Hell’s Kitchen star previously admitted that cheeky taunts from his children pushed him towards laser wrinkle removal.

In 2010, the Michelin-star chef said he’d taken inspiration from X-Factor’s Simon Cowell, who advised him to freshen up his look with some surgical assistance, reports The Sun.

At the time, cosmetic treatment experts suggested the chef had undergone ‘an eyelid procedure, probably upper lids and possibly lower lids, with or without a mid-facelift’.

It has also been rumoured he’s had hair transplant surgery.

Having become a household name in the States, Ramsay has seemingly opted for a number of cosmetic treatments to look his best.

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