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Fraxel Laser

What is Fraxel laser treatment?

Fraxel is an innovative laser treatment that helps to restore the youthful appearance of skin. This laser technology uses thousands of microscopic laser columns, each just one tenth the diameter of a hair follicle, to treat a fraction of skin at a time without affecting surrounding tissue. These laser columns stimulate the production of younger, smoother and healthier skin, replacing damaged tissue.

What should I expect after a Fraxel laser treatment?

During the first 24 hours of your treatment, you may feel as if you have been sunburnt, with a pink or red tinge to the skin. Wearing make up will conceal this appearance. Over the next week or two, your skin will start to bronze and as you continue sessions, the sunburned to bronzed look will repeat. It is common for skin to flake and it is advised to use a moisturiser to reduce a dry appearance.

Does Fraxel laser treatment hurt?

As with most laser treatments, patients describe a sensation of heat during the treatment. To minimise discomfort, anaesthesia is applied before the procedure and cold air is used on the area during. After treatment, most patients feel as if they have been sunburnt which diminishes within a few hours.

What precautions should I be aware of after my Fraxel laser treatment?

Wearing a high sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) is recommended, along with avoiding direct sun exposure for at least 3 months after your last treatment. When in the sun, wearing a wide brimmed hat is a great shading solution.

How long do the results last from a Fraxel laser treatment?

Results are very dependant on the individual, from the condition of your skin and how you care for it. Once the skin has been treated it is always advised to carry on protection as advised. During your consultation, your practitioner will be able to provide more specific timings depending on your case.

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