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Lingual braces are similar to standard wire fixed braces but they are fitted to the inside (back) surfaces of your teeth and so are not visible from the front.

What do lingual braces feel like?

Lingual braces feel just like normal braces apart from that they are on the inside of your teeth. Once fitted they may be uncomfortable for around 7 days. During this time it is advised that you take pain killers to reduce discomfort or place wax over the brackets to protect your tongue.

How will lingual braces effect my speech?

Most patients do notice a temporary change in their speech. However after a period of adaptation this will generally improve back to normal. There are certain brackets available that minimise this problem as much as possible.

Will I be able to clean my teeth with lingual braces?

It is crucial that you maintain a good standard of oral hygiene, regardless of brace. Your orthodontist will provide you with a cleaning regime for both your teeth and your braces. It is important for patients to regularly visit a hygienist who will be able to provide you with further advice as well as a professional clean.

What food can I eat while I have lingual braces on?

While wearing lingual braces, you will find that some foods are more difficult to consume than others. If you are finding foods difficult, we suggest avoiding them. Nuts, chewing gum, popcorn and crusty bread can all damage your braces. Especially during the early days of your treatment you may find that you do not want to eat any crunchy foods, in which case soups and smoothies are very appealing. Other foods such as lettuce and spinach may get caught in the braces, however, this can easily be removed and isn't a concern to most.

Will my teeth stay in their new position after treatment is complete?

No orthodontic procedure can guarantee stability without a retainer. This will be provided at the end of your treatment to protect the investment you have made through lingual braces and provided that you use this, your teeth should stay in place.

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